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How do Democrats stand on the 2020 issues?

Here is how Democrats stand on the 2020 issues and policies...

The Green New Deal: Concocted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey, this plan seeks a complete re-do of the economy based on zero-emission energy (banning cars, planes, even cows) in just 10 years. Plus, guaranteed jobs, income and benefits for all. Many of the 2020 hopefuls have endorsed it — though none of those who serve in the Senate dared to vote for it.

Medicare for All: This would abolish all private insurance, including the plans that now cover 180 million Americans, and put Washington in charge of everyone’s health care. Price tag? A “mere” $32 trillion over 10 years.

Remove all the walls and fences at US borders: It’s a welcome mat to all comers, perhaps even terrorists, since there’d be no way to check who’s coming in. Talk about changing the “character of the nation.”

Abolish the Electoral College
: Dems want to have big blue states like California and New York basically choose America’s presidents, shutting out smaller states and overturning a fundamental deal that united the country at its founding — and for the 243 years that followed. (Scrapping the Senate, whose members similarly represent different numbers of citizens, could be next.)

Free college and mass student-loan debt forgiveness: Tuition costs alone would run $70 billion a year, but that’s a bargain compared to Sen. Liz Warren’s debt-forgiveness plan, which runs a cool $640 billion. As for those who opted not to attend college to avoid debt, too bad: Your tax dollars would still go to repay the loans of those who went.

Letting imprisoned convicts vote: Whether they’re a murderer, a rapist or a terrorist. (Any guesses about where they’d stand on law-and-order issues?)

Dems have also called for reparations for African-Americans, hefty new taxes on the wealthy and expanding the Supreme Court to pack it with Democrats. Some would even like to change, or do away with, the first two amendments of the Bill of Rights.

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