In a sea of sports talk diarrhea WFAN's thin skinned Gregg Giannotti may be the captain

Boomer Esiason is a meathead who spewed the 'could care less' line forever until we and Craig Carton educated him on the correct phrase. No one in his family apparently can stop his 'at the end of the day' or 'and all that other stuff' annoying handicap. And no one expects call screener Al Dukes to add anything that would help the WFAN morning show now seeing 20 year ratings lows. This is the same guy who allowed Cup of Joe to fail and now basically copied it with the Paul Dottino spot. (Dukes has also quietly repeated old Craig Carton bits as if they're new so...)

All while Eddie Scozzare lazily drops annoying '69' soundbites incessantly.

But when it comes to the leader of this out of control taking on water ship - thin skinned Gregg Giannotti has to be the captain. The unfunny and never unending impersonations? No.

Giannotti reading Aaron Boone was 'more tense than usual' in the post game presser? Not watching the presser but instead reading about it?


Nope. Not that either.

How many idiots use the word 'ironic' incorrectly -- using it as coincidence? Probably every paid speaker on WFAN.

But Gio? He takes it a step dumber.

"It's ironic that my first Mets memory was them losing in 88."

Let that bit of irony just sink in a bit as this clown cuts off incorrectly pronounced Giancarlo Stanton and Sam Darnold calls. Or as he calls Carmine stupid and asks how he made it past Al. Or says its ironic he's in a music video for someone he doesn't know.

The question is - how did Gio slip past management and get this job?

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