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Beware of Amazon 'services'

Got several emails from Amazon touting 'Sit back and let us do the cleaning for you. Save up to $150 on multiple cleaning services for a limited time.' and 'Cleaning Services on Sale.'

So we ordered tile and grout cleaning. Gave 3 days and 3 times. Was told 24 hours we'd have an appointment.

It's now 96 hours later...

Emailed Amazon, twice, to inquire. Got this back:

Hello this is Stephanie from Amazon Home Service,

The order is not beeing [sic] assigned yet to any provider, we need to know 3 different dates and hours in order to contact providers manually and help you with the appointment.

I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon [sic]

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Best regards,
Stephanie C

Um, we gave the dates and hours. Um, replying to the email was a no go as it wasn't a functioning email address.

SO...if you're in the need of quick cleaning services...think twice.

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