Failed NJ governor Phil Murphy's latest 'millionaires tax' commercial is disgusting

Phil Murphy has destroyed New Jersey for the middle class by spending tons of money on bullshit - not the least of MILLIONS going to non citizens, ie illegal aliens, at your expense.

Now that he's further in the hole than even he predicted (recreational pot on day one!) - he's pushing the envelope to the stupid 'tax the millionaires' call in a New Direction New Jersey ad that quotes NJ as 49th in job growth from 2010-2017 WITH NO 2018-2019 stats (even as Donald Trump's policies have driven home 6,000,000 new jobs in just 2 years), 'tax fairness' as everyone is paying more in NJ, AND a 'affordable healthcare' banner when he's done absolutely ZERO to make 'affordable healthcare.'

Hey, idiot - we all know what comes after a state that can't cut spending taxes The Millionaires -- they keep moving the level lower.

Oh, and BTW? That bullshit 'livable wage' means entry level jobs that actually lead to careers, i.e., bank tellers, retail sales people, etc. don't ever get the opportunity as companies push customers to technical apps and DO NOT hire new bank tellers, retail sales people, etc.

Phil Murphy's with the illegal aliens and wants to rip off successful NJ citizens to continue that.

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