Gregg Giannotti's buffoon like NBA Draft Lottery act a desperate need for Knicks relevancy: Source

Boomer & Gio is the lowest rated WFAN daytime program. This is fully at Gregg Giannotti's hands with a full compliment of assistance from Al Dukes. (And while Boomer Esiason adds nothing besides his name at least he's not guffawing fool Jerry Recco subtracting.)

WFAN's lowest ratings...same Craig Carton catchphrases.

A WFAN source emails:

This is a joke. Craig would do cartoonish stuff like this but he was doing it driving the #1 show. Gio is doing this for one reason and one reason only - the hope that Zion on the Knicks would lead to much more Knicks talk and a desperate Hail Mary ratings push. And besides the smell of desperation hanging on Gio you know how we all know? He CONSTANTLY checks Twitter to see if he's being mentioned.


We've said it before - we were way off. Some people are not made for NY or for leading a #1 program. We advocated Gregg Giannotti's hire. We were wrong. Way wrong. And based on the emails from WFAN employees we've received over the time he's dragged the decades old ratings champ down...he continues to be surrounded by co-workers who want him out. That said we've, for a long time, called for Dukes and Recco to go with no movement on that. And the three are an albatross on the station. A morning albatross.

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