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Michael Kay has no balls

Old ball game...

Last Sunday the Yankees’ Gio Urshela fouled off a pitch that ricocheted, and hard, off the plate, then into his crotch. He went down and stayed there, in immediate, sustained distress.

As all men know, waiting for our breath to be restored is the first order of relief — and first clue we’re not going to die. All men except, perhaps, Michael Kay.

On YES, Kay asked Paul O’Neill, who’d just said that he’s familiar with the feeling, “What helps? Like it just has to wear off?”

“Just give it time,” said O’Neill.

Who knew?

Plus...he's a money sucking animal.

This June 19 at the InterContinental Times Square hotel, the sports merchandise and licensing company Fanatics will put the fanatical to the test by charging $2,500 for a three-hour meet-and-greet with Aaron Judge, autograph and photograph restrictions apply.

So unless Judge was starving to death, why would he choose to travel that same crass, cheesy path? And why would Kay, sensitive to begin with, choose to host such a similar cheese-encrusted pig roast?

That’s Aaron Judge, folks, who seemed the kind of young, modest, respectful sportsman who would be good to his fans — all teams’ fans — for free.

Fanatics, a for-profit company, Friday claimed via phone that there are 15 percent “discount packages” available, which may mean the Judge cash bash is not selling.

Regardless, Fanatics is offering a discount on what has no established value other than what it wishes it to be.

And if a few bucks from the rake are extracted for charity — as a matter of sincerity or a public relations defense mechanism — why not allow the donors the tax write-offs rather than the profiteers?

As for Kay, doesn’t he recall that horrible taste left in so many mouths Jeter left when he left, gone with the sacks of fans-supplied loot beyond his $270 million in Yankees’ salaries and many more millions in commercial endorsements?

And how many more conflicted interests does Kay need before his credibility is kaput? Jumping into the seedy, often corrupt autograph and “certificates of authenticity” memorabilia industry is something to assiduously avoid.

As YES’ lead Yankees’ voice, Kay is neither an unfettered nor unencumbered speaker of Yankees issues on YES or on his ESPN radio show. As an ESPN employee, he’s restricted from honest appraisals of ESPN’s content — tough for any honest sports host to do — but he regularly delivers on promoting anything and anyone ESPN.

We get it. He’s in a tight, tough spot. But how many masters are too many?

It’s excruciating to hear Kay, highly offended, speak highly defensive explanations and rationalizations of his conflicts, those that prevent him from being far less than candid and selectively forthcoming.

By now, Kay’s radio show long ago should have crushed Mike Francesa’s, head-to-head. But where Francesa relies on his unrestricted fabricated knowledge, Kay’s suffers from restraints by his restrictions.

Now he has signed on to be the paid co-host pal of Judge fans and fools for three hours in service to a demonstrably dubious industry in a big-ticket theme party.

Why take on more conflict, another burden?

Money? Sometimes it ain’t worth it.

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