Of all the people it'll be great to lose -- John Sterling tops the list

Phil Mushnick today:

Suzyn Waldman’s greatest value to radio listeners comes when she ignores John Sterling’s self-promotional contrivances to report what really just happened.

Sunday in rainy, windy Yankee Stadium, both claimed the only way a home run could be hit into the persistent gale was if it were a line drive.

Yet, when Yankees call-up Mike Tauchman hit a homer, Sterling gave it his one-size-fits-all, self-smitten call: “It is high! It is far …” And then he made with one of his obligatory, freshly concocted, strained, childish, self-serving, name-games: “Tauchman, you’re a sock man!”

When done with his all-about-me act, Waldman explained what we suspected: What Sterling described as high and far, was a line drive.

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