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Predicting the end of NJ's Home News Tribune print edition

Have a long history with the print edition of New Jersey's Home News Tribune (now part of the USA TODAY network). Delivered it when it was an afternoon print edition. Wrote award winning letters to the editor. Long time subscriber.

The delivery rate for THNT was running us roughly $42 per month. $1.40 per day. For what? Let's examine a recent edition -- Tuesday, June 4, 2019's MYCENTRALJERSEY.COM's home print edition.

  • Sans classified section it's a comical 15 pages long
  • 2 (aggregate) of those 15 pages are ads
  • Roughly one full page is the comics
  • 3/4 of one of those pages is the completely useless 'select TV' television listings

Basically our $1.40 bought 11 pages of articles. 13 cents per page and that includes the substandard 'Our View' opinion.

Note to USA Today: We are canceling the Home News Tribune.

*Update -- our bill for May was $45 dollars. Strange, right? So we called this afternoon to cancel. CSR said, "I can give you $34 a month for a year," so we relented and said yes. And then we asked why our May bill was $45 and not $42. "It's for the big magazine summer special you got. That runs $3."

OK...let's opt out of that now.

You can't.

We can't?


OK. How many times a year does a special magazine run?


Cancel our subscription please.

Amazing. And with that our 30 some year relationship with The Home News Tribune is over.

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