Tom Brady long referred to as Tom Terrific (which also predated Tom Seaver on Captain Kangaroo)

Ratings starved Boomer Esiason, "I have been covering Tom Brady since 2002 and I've never heard of him referred to as 'Tom Terrific.'"

Astro: American football player, nicknamed Tom Terrific, a quarterback with the New England Patriots for two years when he was named starting quarterback in 2002 due to Drew Bledsoe's injuries.

Mass Live 10/2/09: "The Amazing Grace Baptist Church in North Carolina released a list of athletes who are going to hell, and the Patriots' quarterback headlines the list. What's truly amazing is the reason Tom Terrific is headed south."

Pats Fans 2008: "What should Brady's nickname be? Tom Terrific."

AP via 2010: "Tom Terrific is back."

Total Pro Sports 2011: "He may be known as “Tom Terrific” on the football field, but on the dance floor he looks more like 'Tom Terrible.'"

2011 NBC: "In a new ESPN video, Tom Terrific is giving people a much deeper glimpse into his persona."

So stop with the lazy alternative facts Boomer.

And if you really want to get detailed --'Tom Terrific' also ran as a series of five-minute cartoons created specifically for Captain Kangaroo. The first was 'The Nasty Knight' on CBS no less.

In 1957.

So shut up already.

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