WFAN emailer on Gregg Giannotti: Gio being Gio

'It doesn't stop.' Yet another email from a WFAN staffer.

It doesn't stop. No one here finds Gregg Giannotti's impersonations remotely funny. And he doesn't stop them. Over and over again. Not liked. Jerry not moving up to host 'Just Jerry being Jerry?' Gio doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is now 'Gio being Gio.' Gregg sucks. And what's funny is he's so thin skinned he checks Twitter on his phone all the time with rabbit ears...yet doesn't adjust.

Checks his phone AND pulls that stupid one use plastic straw blocker out of his coffee a lot too.

One point. Boomer Esiason, perhaps due to emotional incontinence, likes Giannotti's shtick.

Twitter user @JMO102324 tweets Gio, can you please tweet a clip from yesterday with you imitating Maddog talking about Whoopi and tennis? It was so funny!!  and, as the emailer points out, Gio RESPONDS directly: "Thanks, I will ask our digital people."

Only to be skewered by "Keith Bachmann."

Bam. No reply...

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