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Cowardly Clown Gregg Giannotti Ripped for Backing Down from 120 lb Evan Roberts

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This will probably be the last time we write specifically about fans and failed NY sports radio clown Gregg Giannotti. This is fan reaction after the balding baldness cure hawker called Evan Roberts 'the dweeb Net fan pied piper.' Yes, the guy with the 8 inch hairless arms of a 9 year old boy called someone else a dweeb. When Roberts, all 120 pounds of him, came in studio...well, you already can predict how Gio responded.

And, you can probably predict how fans did to.

Tim Magnussen writes, "Evan bodybagged Gio."

Peter Toohill: "Gio is such a loser I can’t take it."

Jade Zee: "Gio...first generation trash collector american...has had this show go to his head..built like danny divito....with a face only a mother gorilla would love...he loves to trash talk and make fun...but cant take it....he wimps away when mike called in..and he wimps away against evan..."

"I miss Craig." -Multiples

SP: "I don't think Gio could go 20 minutes without an impression or mocking another host. Definitely the most replaceable host on the Fan."

Kevin Coleman, "Gio is literally the biggest joke."

AJ, "Gio tries to play the guy that's above it all and he's not that guy."

Mike Dalton, "Gio is just straight terrible at talking sports. Absolute ownage by Evan."

"I miss Carton...the whole station strugglin’"

Jose Reyes, "I came here to say this is the last time i will ever click on a boomer and gio clip. sorry boomer i used to like you."

"I’m beginning to hate this show."

"Gio got ripped by my mans Evan Roberts."

"Good for you evan for showing up. gio quieted down like a little girl after. You will never be a good sports host like Evan. Stick to your little impressions until the show gets canceled you clown."

gregg giannotti wfan

Chris A: "Gio, looked terrified as soon as Evan showed up. The tough guy talk sure disappeared."

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