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Must watch: Nat Geo's "Borderforce USA: The Bridges" is awesome

nat geo's Borderforce USA

National Geographic acquired Borderforce USA: The Bridges and they've already begun airing. This 10-part documentary series follows the works of Customs and Border Protection Officers on the 28 international bridges that connect the United States and Mexico. They're interestingly hard to find. Promos, clips, etc. Not much out there. Speaking to Comcast's remote control will get you everything from USA Network to Sports when one asks for Borderforce USA (go ahead, check it out).

Over half of America’s southern border is created by the Rio Grande, a murky, brown river that snakes its way between Texas and Mexico. A total of 28 bridges cross the river, linking the United States and its southern neighbor.

(El Río Grande separa Texas de México; más de la mitad de la frontera sur de Estados Unidos; una de las fronteras más famosas del mundo. 28 puentes unen a los territorios; entrada de bienes, pero también del contrabando ilegal.)

Every day 250,000 people, 12,000 cargo trucks and 5000 railroad cars cross the bridges for a multitude of reasons. Some legal – and some not. The Department of Homeland Security division responsible for the bridges is the CBP – Customs and Border Protection. For the first time, a TV cameras have been granted unrestricted access to these international bridges to witness the processes and the technology that the CBP deploys in its mission to keep America safe.

But go ahead and scroll via the guide to Nat Geo and move to Wednesday, July 24th where you need to set up the DVR recordings for the next episodes and the series as a whole.

Wednesday JULY 24 9:00AM ET Cartel Ambush (Season 1, Episode 2)

In this episode officers are on high alert for a cartel ambush as they transfer a Sicario over one of the 28 border bridges and into the custody of the Mexico military; a random inspection of a pick-up truck reveals 32 kilograms of narcotics while a man, his aluminium shed and a broken key brings chaos – then smiles – to the Gateway to the Americas Bridge in Laredo.

Wednesday JULY 24 10:00AM ET Cocaine Crackdown (Season 1, Episode 5)

Officers in Brownsville process an American citizen who crossed over the bridge 20 years ago – and discover the reason he didn't want to come back.

Wednesday JULY 24 11:00AM ET Hidden Cocaine (Season 1, Episode 9)

A new recruit fresh out of training school makes her mark when she uncovers 12 kilos of cocaine hidden in a car.

We've requested video - will post if we get it.

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