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'Goofball' Gregg Giannotti spurned by ESPN, SIRI, et al

Do do ya know THIS guy, Bart Scott, is, ya know, going to ESPN.

Scott will discuss things like how the Giants are still unable to draft Eli Manning's predecessor.

So ESL Scott is signed, why isn't Gregg Giannotti? A man we know in the radio know answers:

Gio shopping himself says it all. WFAN would rather not give him a long term contract, yet. They might give him one but they'd rather not...He'd work at SIRIUS but do they really need him? ESPN makes the least sense. Think about their potential plan of actually programming locally in NY. Do you want a goofball in that role? I wouldn't.

I also hear that his terrible interaction that day with [Mike] Francesa doesn't go over well with anyone.

There's also another reason WFAN is dragging on Giannotti but we need to hold off on that for a bit.

Gio also hasn't exactly endeared himself to Chris Russo. (And what would he do without Ed McMahon with him?)

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