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Phil Mushnick outs clown Ronde Barber

FOX NFL Analyst Ronde Barber is awful. A never shuts up and makes shit up clown. Today Phil Mushnick went to great lengths to point out just how much of a blowhard Barber is.

Ever get the feeling that the expert guy on TV is just bluffing his way through, as in completely?

Early in the first quarter of last Sunday’s Jets-Redskins, Washington QB Dwayne Haskins recovered his own fumble after he collided with running back Steven Sims, who’d been expecting a hand-off. Fox’s Ronde Barber explained:

“Well, this is something that they’ll do very often, and we heard that they want to find a way to get Sims the ball a little bit more.

“And he’s their gadget guy. He’s their reverse guy, he’s their screen guy. And that operation, a play I really have not seen very often the last couple of weeks. And look, you have a quarterback, only his second start. He probably hasn’t executed that play very often.”

What play? A hand-off? Barber, the “last couple of weeks,” would not have seen that or any other play from the ’Skins given that they had the previous week off. And Sims, their all-purpose back Barber claimed the ’Skins planned to get the ball more, finished with two pass catches for 6 yards and zero rushing yards on zero carries.

Today Detroit Lions @ Washington Redskins viewers get the very good Lindsay Czarniak, the excellent Kenny Albert, and the horrendous Barber.

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