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How to set up an Amazon Echo Alexa without the app

Just got a new Amazon Echo / Echo and can't figure out how to register it without the app? (Amazon pushes that app strongly.) Here's how to set her up without it:

1. Plug your Echo in and wait for her ring color to turn orange.
2. Open the Network and Sharing Center on your computer.
3. From the Network Connections window open your Wireless Network Connection. (If it is not visible immediately because you are on an Ethernet connection - click Change adapter settings - from there you should be able to double click your disabled Wireless Network Connection to enable it. Once enabled, continue to the next step.)
4. Click the Connect To button and look for a Wi-Fi connection with Amazon or something like Amazon in the name. Connect to it.
5. Go to the Alexa website on Amazon (
6. Click Settings on the left hand side and then Set up a new device.
7. Follow the instructions to set up your device.

Enjoy your new Echo.

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