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25,000 watched outside on TV as Donald Trump rocked Wildwood NJ

Donald Trump's return to New Jersey was incredible. 25,000 watched Trump outside on a big screen in Wildwood last night while 7500 watched inside.

"While we are creating jobs and killing terrorists, the congressional Democrats are obsessed with demented hoaxes, crazy witch hunts, and deranged partisan crusades," Trump said. "We will make sure they face another crushing defeat in the next election."

"Earnings for the bottom 10 percent are rising faster than earnings for the top 10 percent, for the first time ever," Trump said. "Since my election, the net worth for the bottom half of wage-earners has increased by 47 percent, three times faster than the increase for the top one-percent. Median household income is at an all-time high; for President Bush, in eight years it was $450. Under President Barack Hussein Obama, for eight years, it was $975. ... Under your favorite president, and when you include the tax cuts, the regulation cuts ... under President Trump, for three years, the number is almost $10,000 -- and it's going up. That's a big difference."

Trump added: "The United States is now the number-one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. We don't need anybody else's energy anymore. It's so nice."

Touting his administration's recent victory in a key Supreme Court case on the so-called "public charge rule," Trump remarked to the bullshit sanctuary state, "We will now finally be able to enforce federal law and ensure that those seeking admission to our country are able to support themselves financially and not abuse taxpayer-funded programs."

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said that the campaign had received 158,632 requests for tickets at the event, including 92,841 distinct signups, and had identified a total of 73,482 voters --10.4 percent of whom didn't vote in 2016, and 26.3 percent of whom were self-described Democrats.

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