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Gregg Giannotti mocking the faith of NY Jets DE Quinnen Williams a new low

NY Jets DE Quinnen Williams was just 12-years-old when his mom, Marquischa Henderson Williams, died of breast cancer at the age of 37. Quinnen's father, Quincy Sr., said after the extremely difficult ordeal, “We had to keep everything normal. We had to keep the kids busy with sports, basketball, soccer, baseball cheerleading camps, church plays and speeches. We stayed as busy as possible, always working to do the right thing, to prevent the mind from drifting off toward bad influences. We stayed busy, and we stayed close.

“We talked all the time. We texted. We kept an open family communication together. We had extended family always providing a positive influence in teaching and [helping bring up the kids]. It was a collective effort. Everybody pitched in and did a part...So many people deserve credit in getting us where we are today.”

Quinnen was known to take the one hour drive home from Tuscaloosa while playing for the University of Alabama to take his grandma to church. The back story made WFAN's Gregg Giannotti guffawing at Quinnen wanting to meet & get Houston pastor Joel Olsteen's autograph all the more callous.

And Boomer Esiason was right there laughing at him too.

Classless. But exactly what you've come to expect from Boomer & Gio. Whether they're treating callers cruelly, joking about pedophilia, incorrectly bashing folks (and not correcting it when wrong), to wishing for career ending injuries - it's all slick in the Animal House.

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