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NY Post outs Evan Roberts

Years ago the NY Post outed WFAN's Joe Benigno & Evan Roberts as 'lift-from-the-newspapers, simplistic reactionaries.'

Before that we outed Evan as someone who had help getting the jobs he got and didn't know what ironic meant.

Today, Phil Mushnick revealed even more...

For two guys who wouldn’t dare hit the air without scouring the daily newspapers for info to lift, WFAN’s Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno continue to take lots of shots at newspapers and their sportswriters.

Heck, I can recall when Roberts’ family shopped him to newspapers as a radio sports talk child prodigy.


Matthew Funtime once summed up:

Imagine trying to pitch a show like Joe & Evan? A spoiled, wet-behind-the-ears manchild & an illiterate goomba beat the same topics to death and express their mongoism with vacuity. It's more like an SNL sketch than a radio show.

You could play that theme for 3 hours and WFAN would get the same damn ratings.

It's funny, this world.

Joe Benigno should be wiping down the stoves at Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza - and even then his boss'd be like, "Huh.. speak clearly when you're asking me about detergents."

But no, this is America - and there is a chance even an mushmouth ginzone can reach radio heights. Bless this country of buffoons!

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