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Updated: Why John Crudele no longer with the NY Post

Update -- We've learned that the NY Post has laid off some folks including John Crudele due to the Chinese Flu. Steve Cuozzo and Michael Riedel apparently furloughed at the paper. Cuozzo just tweeted such to boot.

Absolutely stunning. John Crudele was a must read every column and twice on Sunday. It makes NO sense that the guy who writes about the economy AND helps those in need is let go while we're in the worst economic situation in decades AND people are stuck in their home with their problems. Why? Why would you do that NY Post?

John Crudele is an essential person. Most sports writers are not.


What's going on with the NY Post's John Crudele? John helped us with a long standing noise problem we had with a local Domino's Pizza. We got the 2.5 year long issue fixed yesterday and emailed John the details (you can read it here) for the Dear John (the Answer Man) column.

ny post writer john crudele dear john the answer man

And we got this email back:

> John Crudele is no longer with the New York Post if you need
> assistance or have questions please contact James Covert at
> jcovert@nypost.com.

Covert hasn't emailed us back and other sources have no idea what happened with John Crudele and the NY Post.

Update -- 5/3/2020 and, sadly, no Dear John the Answer Man column. How does the NY Post let a 30 year vet disappear with no notice of why?!

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