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COVID-19 vaccine likely won't reduce death rate

The China Flu is killing 4 sub groups: The obese, those with high blood pressure, those with diabetes and those in Governor Cuomo's New York nursing homes. #s 2 and 3 are more than likely fat as well so news that the Coronavirus vaccine likely won’t be as effective in obese people means that the death rate in the USA also likely won't change.

Other immunizations, such as those for the flu and hepatitis B, have been shown to be less successful among obese people — a pattern that experts believe will hold for COVID-19.

“Will we have a COVID vaccine next year tailored to the obese? No way,” Raz Shaikh, an associate professor with the University of North Carolina’s nutrition department, told the outlet.

“Will it still work in the obese?” he asked. “Our prediction is no.”

So lose weight or die from either Covid or a cardiovascular event.

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