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Phil Mushnick kills HBO & foul mouthed buffoon Megan Rapinoe

NY Post, today:

What HBO chose not to show about soccer star Rapinoe

If you missed HBO Sports’ special “Seeing America with Megan Rapinoe,” you deprived yourself of such a propagandized tank job that it was comical.

Rapinoe and her guests — fantasy-driven socialist N.Y. Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and the New York Times’ factually suspect racial historian Nikole Hannah-Jones — took turns ripping the U.S. as a rotten, racist place just north of hell.

What we saw: Rapinoe taking a knee during the national anthem at last year’s World Cup, and, though otherwise dressed nicely to appear from HBO’s studio, she chose to wear her capitalist endorsement Nike sneakers reportedly made by sweatshop laborers in communist totalitarian Red China.

Left unseen: Rapinoe’s excessive, nauseating, all-about me, scene-stealing celebrations during last year’s Cup, and her speech after the NYC parade saluting the team, during which she treated hundreds of kids to a mindlessly vulgar rant.

But she knows what’s wrong with the country.

Regardless of COVID circumstances, the NHL playoffs, predictably, have been a good watch as a team sport in which everyone at all times plays as hard as they can — especially Carolina in its sweep of the Rangers.

Celebrations after goals are joined by all the team’s players on the ice. Unlike Rapinoe, the scorer immediately pivots toward the passer.

4 years ago, Craig Carton crucified the stupidity of Rapinoe & the buffoons at the USWNT.