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Boomer & Gio Boat Party & Covid Delta Variant Super Spreader Event

“Boomer & Gio” broadcast at The LakeHouse in Bay Shore on Friday, August 13. Suffolk County coronavirus transmission was 'substantial' at the time according to CDC tracking. The CDC was recommending indoor public mask use for vaccinated and unvaccinated Bay Shore residents and minimum 6 feet social distancing as Delta Variant cases skyrocket. 

So...they jammed in a group of 150 or so in the non-Obama Covid 19 Delta Variant super spreader event of the summer. (Is it ironic that a CF fundraiser was held as Covid cases surged and experts said don't gather in large groups?) NO ONE distanced and barely a few masks were evident. If NY had a governor and if NJ's gov wasn't running for re-election...this would be banned.

Boat wise? Embarrassing. Four boats of 10ft or more and a scattering of small ones showed up. Parade? Oh man. Craig Carton would never have failed like this. It was like a Joe Biden 'rally.' Complete with more kayaks than anything else. 

boomer and gio boat party

Enjoy that Covid next week:  Almost Half of Recent UK Covid Deaths Are of People Who Have Been Vaccinated

In a separate note -- Can President Trump count on you to join him at a future Boat Parade? (Take the survey right here right now.) Boats, without an accompanying restaurant component, are a great way to get together while distancing from not family members.

Boomer & Gio Boat Party