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Support America First Legal's fight against the Biden Administration’s racist and unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccine mandate

First they locked you down. Then they mandated masks. Now they want to unconstitutionally mandate what private businesses do. 

What will they mandate next if they win?

America First Legal is fighting the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private employers with over 100 employees. Click right now right here: Help us fight the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional government vaccine mandates.

We have faced almost two years of lockdowns, economic hardship, and unlawful government intervention in our lives. But all of our suffering apparently isn’t enough for the Biden Administration, which has now taken unprecedented actions to impose restrictions on private business across the country. The Administration wants to force Americans to decide between supporting their families and getting a vaccine they may not want—or in the case of people who had Covid-19—may not need.

Just as the economy is recovering, Biden wants to require that every business police our private health information or suffer a daily fine of $13,653 per employee. If the Biden Administration’s plan goes into effect, employees who choose not to get the vaccine will be singled out at work by being forced to wear a mask and be tested weekly—an expense the employee will have to bear.

Help us stop this government overreach.

The Biden Administration thinks it can do whatever it wants to advance its radical agenda, including by forcing every private company across the country to compel conduct by their employees. We won’t stand by idly and let them roll over the rights of Americans all across this great country.

Statement From America First Legal President Stephen Miller:

 “These imperial executive mandates are unlawful, unconstitutional, unacceptable, unconscionable and un-American. America First Legal and the Texas Public Policy Foundation have filed these historic lawsuits to defeat these illegal decrees and save our liberties and our constitutional system of government.”

Statement From America First Legal Vice President & General Counsel Gene Hamilton:

“Threatening the livelihoods of hard working Americans through federal mandates is the latest example of the Biden Administration’s executive overreach. The Biden Administration does not have the authority to mandate that private businesses become de facto vaccine enforcers for the federal government. The mandate is patently unconstitutional and America First Legal is proud to partner with the patriots at TPPF to protect the rights of Americans from an Administration acutely dedicated to chipping them away.”

Help us defend the rights of all Americans to determine what medicines we put into our bodies.  

Help us defend the rights of companies to remain independent, to not be enforcers of government dictates, and to respect their employees’ rights to privacy.

Help us protect American livelihoods and keep our economic recovery on track.  

We need your help!

Please donate and support our efforts to stop the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional overreach.