Vintage 1993 Mike And The Mad Dog promo

Vintage Mike And The Mad Dog promo has that caller asking for the duo to 'say goodbye to me before you cut me off...'

Vlogger: Here's a slice of WFAN Radio on Sunday, August 29, 1993 prior to the start of coverage of that day's Mets-Rockies game. We get the final segments of Howie Rose's "Bagels And Baseball" program which features a call from the infamous "Eli From Westchester" who calls to complain about the treatment Vince Coleman has received in the press in the wake of the incident where he tossed a firecracker. After that, Howie plays a clip of Mickey Mantle hitting his 535th home run off Denny McLain in 1968 to pass Jimmie Foxx on the all-time list (at the time it made Mickey #3 overall).

-Following the top of the hour update, we get the first part of Ed Coleman's filler program before Mets coverage begins. The times are changing in New York and the Yankees are displacing the Mets as the #1 team once again as they're in the midst of a pennant race in the AL East (they would fall short of the Blue Jays, finishing second) while the Mets have imploded and are on their way to a 103 loss season. The recording ends with Suzyn Waldman doing a Yankee report from Cleveland prior to the game from out there (The Yankees would rally from a 7-2 deficit in that game to win 14-8. Jim Abbott was rocked in his last start before pitching a no-hitter against the same Indians six days later!)

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Mike Francesa called out over his grotesque hatred of Puerto Rican pride

Sadly eroding Mike Francesa on the WBC after he was called out for his grotesque anti-Puerto Rican stance: "We are all Americans and no one gets hurt in 'regular' spring training games."

Disgusting display out of a slob with no credibility whatsoever. Yeah Mike, Puerto Ricans can't be proud of their WBC performance because they 'do not have their own country.'


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Eroding Mike Francesa says Patrick Ewing has Zero chance at coaching Georgetown

Patrick Ewing has 'zero' chance for Georgetown job says rapidly eroding Mike Francesa.

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