HuffPost's Laura Bassett apparently doesn't know what BOFA is

Laura Bassett is a Senior Politics Reporter at HuffPost covering women's rights domestically and around the globe.

Oh, and apparently, covering Paul Manafort's jury, too.


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Donald Trump kills 'Swamp' Democrats for putting illegals ahead of US Citizens

Donald Trump writes:

Never in my life have I seen the Democrats this angry.

They’re hoping to turn their RAGE into votes and seize control of our majority.

...We could lose if our great patriots decide to sit out the midterms and hope someone fights this battle for us.

But let me be clear: no one will fight this battle for you.

The Democrats believe America has never been great. They don’t believe that our country has defined borders. They don’t believe that our citizens are our ONLY priority.

What do they believe in? NOTHING BUT THEMSELVES.

They will support anything that gets them money and votes -- even if it makes your life harder and casts you back into the shadows, they don’t care.

We cannot let these swamp politicians back in power after they’ve trashed America and vowed to erase our borders.

I need you fighting by my side to stop them. I can’t do it alone. In fact, I haven’t done anything on my own.

Every victory I’ve ever had happened because you were there right by my side.

The president is working tirelessly for the GOP flying all over the country holding rallies and raising money. Become a RNC Sustaining Member right here right now!

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Joe Benigno apparently NOT returning to WFAN today

Over the weekend we asked, "Joe Benigno returning to WFAN Monday August 20th?" because WFAN had him back on the online schedule. We were surprised because it showed up just days after a guy in the radio business told us he felt 'Joe Benigno will never be welcomed back at WFAN.'

The updated schedule is up and...Benigngo is not on it.

Please make a note of that. And, if you really need to -- here's Gregg Giannotti as Joe Benigno asking a female caller if she is hot.

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