School Teacher, TCNJ Grad, Eagles Cheerleader: Tiffany Monroe "The Most Famous Cheerleader in the NFL"

Bob Mantz, Jr. reports that a student needs to achieve some superb SAT Scores in order to get into the College of New Jersey (Or TSC as those of us who graduated from there a few years back still refer to it as...Class of '94). No Wonderlic is administered but here are some of the SAT numbers that the school looks at:

Critical Reading: 560 - 650
Math: 580 - 680
Writing: 560 - 660

So as you see...this ain't Rutgers. Now - what would make someone with those kind of numbers choose the Philadelphia Eagles as the team that they moonlight for as a cheerleader? Tony Marchetti, editor of TCNJ Magazine, reports that Trenton State College grad Tiffany Monroe did just that.

Monroe beat out nearly 1,000 other girls who tried out for the Eagles Squad. “Our season begins in March and ends after the Super Bowl,” Tiffany said. During that time, the squad rehearses twice a week for three to four hours per night. Additionally, each cheerleader must make numerous appearances at publicity events throughout the season—and of course be there for every Eagles home game, Tiffany explained to Marchetti.

The Eagles Tiffany? Well maybe she can tutor Donovan McNabb on the finer points of the rule book....Marchetti's full story is here.

The Eagles add some tidbits here.

  • Favorite place to go in Philadelphia: A Phillies game or shopping on Walnut Street.
  • What is the best gift you ever received: A college education which eventually lead to my degree in Physical Education
  • Greatest Accomplishment: Graduating from college and having a career in teaching

What does a tryout looklike? Toughest interview I've ever seen:

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