'Punk' Maxim Lapierre mocks Boston's Bergeron over 'Bite' Claim [Video]

NBC hockey's Keith Jones said during a replay of the scrum between Cancuk Alex Burrows and Bruin Patrice Bergeron that Alex clearly bit Patrice. We said that it wasn't clear at all and the NHL later agreed with us.

Last night Mike Milbury decided Maxim Lapierre was a punk for mocking Bergeron's unsubstantiated biting claim. Mike Milbury. Who once went into the MSG stands, removed a fan's shoe and beat him with it, called someone a punk.

Vancouver announcers saw it differently.

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:07 AM

    u forgot to mention that Milbury beat a fan with his own shoe, as a Boston Bruin!!! What a homer.


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