Oh Jeeze, NY Jets Birthday Boy Tim Tebow Covers the September Issue of GQ

Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow (who turns 25 today) covers the September issue of GQ magazine (Have You Accepted Tim Tebow as Your QB and Sunday Savior?).

His spread includes the photo below where, well, he seems to be imitating a famous pic of his hero...

"That's 'Sexy Jesus' right there," says WFAN's Craig Carton. “He gets it, he plays the role,” Carton added. “He’s typically very, very sincere and very, very consistent about who he is and what his beliefs are. You just saw a little inkling into what he thinks of himself.”

And, just like they did years ago at UF -- the clouds cooperated with Tebow.

Now we know what you're wondering. What else could be photoshopped in or out of that pic...

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  1. Unfortunate. He needs to prove himself on the field as a Jet before he starts doing all this hype.

  2. Anonymous8:45 AM

    He's actually floating in that picture.

  3. It's a photoshop miracle to boot.

  4. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I'm sure the bible says something about being vain. It's probably against it.


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