Tom Arnold Only Appeared on the Roseanne Roast with Assurances HE Wouldn't be Bashed

The Comedy Central Roast series has consistently gone down hill. Beginning with Denis Leary, Jeff Foxworthy, peaking with Pamela Anderson before moving on to William Shatner, Flavor Flav, a good Bob Saget roast, Larry the Cable Guy, Joan Rivers, David Hasselhoff, Donald Trump, Charlie Sheen and, finally, Roseanne Barr's this past Sunday.

Roseanne's roasters were Amy Schumer, Jeffrey Ross, Katey Sagal, Anthony Jeselnik, Carrie Fisher, Ellen Barkin, Seth Green, Wayne Brady and Gilbert Gottfried with Jane Lynch as hostmaster. Schumer and Jeselnik were the best while Ross and Gottfried provided their normal level of pretty goodness.

The not so shocking guest was Roseanne's ex, Tom Arnold. The interesting details behind his appearance are spilled by Page 6 today:

“Comedy Central first approached Tom and wanted him to come onstage dressed as a waiter, and serve Roseanne a drink, then leave,” said a source. “He said, ‘That’s not gonna happen.’ ” The network then came up with a series of other ideas that Arnold also shot down. But when execs said he could have free rein, Arnold agreed — under one condition.

“Tom wanted assurance that Roseanne wasn’t going to bad-mouth him,” our source said. “[His team] went so far as to insist she say something nice about him . . . [in return] for him doing the appearance.”

One word for Tom: Weak. And while none of the other roasters swayed from the memo -- Roseanne apparently didn't get it.

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