Cubs find another way to lose the World Series -- Digitally

The Post's Michael Starr reports that Chicago Cubs management contacted producers of NBC's new television show Revolution and had them remove a '2012 World Series Champions' addition from the Wrigley Field sign.

“I can’t comment too much on it, only to say that the administration of the Cubs felt strongly that that shouldn’t be there,” show creator Eric Kripke told TVLine about the edit.

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“I’m from the Midwest, and it was not meant as a dig. It was meant as a ‘Wouldn’t that be tragic irony, that I’m rooting for the Cubs and they finally won the year the world ended?’ It was about rooting for a team I have great affection for, but they didn’t see it that way. It’s their team, and I get it.”

We’re happy Wrigley Field was showcased in a new post-apocalyptic thriller which will debut this fall on NBC,” a Cubs spokesman told The Post, “but we simply did not approve the artificial addition to the Wrigley Field Marquee.”

Silly spokesman.

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