Video -- NY Jets Owner Woody Johnson: I'd rather Mitt Romney win -- than the Jets!

Asked by Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers" today whether he is rooting harder for the 2012 New York Jets or for a Mitt Romney presidency -- NYJ's owner reached by saying he 'always puts country first' and, therefore, it's more important for the latter.

Schatzker and Ruhle, unable to ask Johnson if he's going to bench the team's defense after a 34-0 thrashing by the 49ers, brought up the ole Tim Tebow 'starting QB' question. (8:00 mark).

Boy that Erik Schatzker, he's one smart sports guy. Santonio Holmes wouldn't have mysteriously put his 'mystery toe toss' right up there with the fake spike if only Tebow was there. And Johnson knows money. That's why his team is talent short and $8MM under the cap.

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