(Video) 16-year-old cheerleader Miranda Ferguson sets backflip world record at 35

Dallas, TX -- 16-year-old Miranda Ferguson, a junior cheerleader at the all-girls Hockaday School, knocked out 35 consecutive handsprings last Friday night. Why yes, that is a record.

“My back kind of gets sore after practicing: I’m sure I’m going to feel it tomorrow. … I was really nervous that if I did one more I was going to fall, so I stayed at 35.”

Made Jason Pierre-Paul's efforts all the more impressive.

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  1. the only flip i could do is falling down the stairs after drinking too much but, I find it amazing that the record is only 35 now. Surely some inner city kid is going to break that record soon. shouldn't gymnast be able to do that many? Is it the internal human gyroscope a factor? Dont get me wrong, Im happy shes in the Record books, but ive seen cirque du soleil and im sure they have people on staff that could top that.


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