MSG Network Knicks Ad: Broadway Actors not 'Real Men' Like Amar'e is...

Every time you think sports related marketing won't do something stupid again soon, they go and prove you wrong. This time? MSG Network..and it features Amar'e Stoudemire of all fragile folks. MSG produced posters with the frequently injured NY Knicks player that read “It’s Friday night. You can either see a Broadway harness malfunctioning or you can watch real men fly.”

Nice way to make fun of actors who have been injured during Spider-Man's NY run. And the LGBT community is not laughing: "I'd love to see the "real men" of MSG Network's outdated imagination don tights, harness up and swing above a crowd in one of the most dangerous situations to hit Broadway since Hugh Jackman's one man show caused mini riots in Hell's Kitchen." writes Jonathan Higbee.

Talk About Equality adds in Madison Square Garden Thinks ‘Real Men’ Don’t Dance in Homophobic Ad: "The insinuation that someone who spends a few months a year throwing a ball in a hoop is any more of a man than someone who does 8 shows a week literally breaking their backs as they do their acrobatics on a stage is not only insulting, but it’s utterly false."

Page 6 contacted MSG (and apparently the Knicks were not involved in creating the piece) about the campaign and the company replied: “The ad was simply bad judgement on our part. We’re in the process of having them immediately removed. We apologize to anyone who was offended.”


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  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    The grievance industry wins again! Sensitive whiners; it was simply bad copy. Obviously the intent was wasn't an emphasis on "real men," but rather "men REALLY flying" as opposed to using the help of a harness. If they really wanted to imply that Broadway actors aren't real men because many of them are homosexuals (fantastic stereotype you so-called "equal rights" groups), they wouldn't have pulled the ad. It was clearly an oversight rather than willful implication.

    But hey, anything to justify the grievance industry's existence! If only the US could be more enlightened about gay "rights" like the country of...oh, wait, the US is the most hospitable/fair to the homosexual community than anywhere at anytime in the history of human civilization. CARRY ON THE COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED COMPLAINING, THOUGH.

  2. I agree! The grievance industry is once again putting its own meaning into an ad. They're the only ones that read "gay" in the ad.If they hadn't said anything,gay never would've entered anyones mind.The harness thing may have been in bad taste because of the injuries but that's it.

  3. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Are you anonymous posters nuts? Even if this was not homophobic, and it is, how about T.V. Carpio or any of the other Spiderman actors seriously hurt? You think that is funny? It isn't.

  4. Anonymous3:08 PM

    No, I'm not nuts; however, your reading comprehension is clearly top-notch.

    I, too, think the ad is stupid (from a marketing standpoint), but not for the reasons outlined by the grievance hustlers. Poor taste (for the easily offended), yes. Homophobic it is not.

  5. Define "real men" then. Only means one thing. They don't put their names on comments.

  6. Anonymous4:25 AM

    "Real Men:" people that use obscenely lucid logic to dismantle the emotional appeals of simpletons that attack a straw-man and those that think we'll believe "Chip" is the antithesis of anonymous.

    You're in over your head, "Chip."


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