New Zealand Rugby's Andrew Hore Sent Bradley Davies to the Hospital Unconscious with this Disgusting Hit

Think Jared Allen's head hunting on a distracted Chicago Bear Lance Louis was bad? Think Ndamukong Suh is dirty? Andrew Hore shouldn't be banned – he should face criminal charges -- that's Scott Jordan Harris' headline in today's Telegraph. 2 minutes into a match with Wales on Saturday, Hore snuck up behind Bradley Davies and KO'd him. From behind, he landed a short punch that connected on Davies' jaw. And out he went.

Like Robert Parish on Bill Laimbeer during the 1987-1988 playoffs...the refs missed it. Wales coach Warren Gatland was not thrilled:

"From the initial look at the video, Bradley's been hit from behind and he's gone down. Whether it's a swinging arm... you don't usually associate the All Blacks as a side that resorts to cheap shots. I hope that's not the case. I hope it's just an accident.

"Bradley has gone down in a heap. The unfortunate thing for us is they're going to admit him to hospital. He's a bit like 10-second Bob at the moment. He doesn't quite know where he's at. Fingers crossed he recovers but he was a big loss for us, particularly early on.

"That's something the citing commissioner can have a look at."


"I am just resigned to the fact that he will probably get cited. That's what happens every time we come up here...I think they think we're thugs or something, but we don't play different to anyone else," All Blacks head coach Steve Hansen said.

And he has been. A Judicial Officer will be appointed and the play will be reviewed. (No date has been set.)

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