Jeeze -- Rex Ryan has a tattoo of his wife in a Mark Sanchez jersey...and nothing else

PARADISE ISLAND, Bahamas -- Rex Ryan is vacationing in the Bahamas...after the NY Jets 6-10 season in which he skipped town immediately after the last game. And that skipping pissed off some reporters. So much so that a photographer, Andrew Theodorakis, was hanging in the bushes to see just what Ryan is up to.

And he's up to a pantsless tattoo of his wife Michelle in nothing but a Mark Sanchez #6 jersey. Possibly Tebowing. Feet exposed. No fingers. Oh boy.

NYDN...Sunbathing Rex Ryan spotted, tattoo of wife's likeness wearing only Mark Sanchez NY Jets jersey on display in Bahamas

Rex is the same guy with that 69 tat. If Rex Ryan's newest tat is not fake - it doesn't look like it was done by the other tattooists he's gone to. Terrible details even for cartoon. The fingers, the line work. Check out the raised up, uh, fist -- it shares a line with her hair.

Watch, he'll visit The Tattoo King again and conduct Tuesday's presser in braids...1st question? Rex tells Manish Mehta, "You claim half the Jets team are your personal sources - you tell everyone here whether or not this bad boy is real."

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