Dana White says Floyd Mayweather Jr. would 'get murdered in the UFC'

Arsenio Hall asked UFC president Dana White on his show Monday night how Floyd Mayweather Jr. would do in the UFC.

"He'd get murdered in the UFC. He'd get murdered."

“Guys always talk about this crossover stuff,” White said. “My guys think they can go over and box. Floyd thinking he can come over here to the UFC. You go to a knife fight with a guy and the other guy has guns and chains and crowbars. There’s so many more weapons in the UFC then there are in boxing. So it makes no sense.”

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  1. Rousey Vs Mayweather in the octagon. Lets do this UFC!

  2. Replies
    1. That fight I would pay to see!

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  4. Mayweather would embarrass ANY UFC fighter in the Boxing ring, they would have no chance as his skills for his sport far outweigh any fighter in the UFC. He would have a much better chance of being competitive as ANY UFC fighter would have against him, He is perhaps the most dominate boxer ever, he makes his opponents look like children. Because of his level of boxing skill and his passion to be the greatest he would be competive against UFC fighters, but reversed they have NO CHANCE in the boxing ring. I think that comparison is more realistic, because Floyd is a fighter and could learn some ground fighting which would be required, but his superior standing fight skills would not be matched by any UFC fighter. Lets face it, if there was a UFC fighter with a stand up game like Floyd they would be a boxer as the money is 10 times more. Floyd is year after year one if not the highest paid athlete in the world, why would he even consider fighting in the UFC. White would love to see it so he puts crap like this out there, but not a chance even.

  5. Sorry Rich but Having been a top level boxer that moved into the MMA sport years ago I have to disagree with you. Most of your new young MMA guys are amazing strikers, and not just with the hands they can put you to sleep with a foot to the head. There are way to many other options than just punching. It would take Mayweather years to be competitive in the UFC. He may beat a few guys on the way up in local competitions and such just as a UFC fighter may beat a few boxers but to compete in the highest level would take way to long to bring those skills he is lacking up to par with the best of the UFC. Not saying he couldn't but right now he would get put to sleep.


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