Asked by Craig Carton if Ike Davis Might Take a Swing at him, Post's Mike Puma says, "He might miss!"

Ike Davis, on the record, spoke with NY Post scribe Mike Puma. When Michael reported that Ike 'hid an oblique injury from Mets brass while he was struggling last season' - Davis didn't like it. “You made it look like, you know, it’s an excuse,” Davis said. “That’s not what the story — it shouldn’t have been a story anyway. Because that’s what we talked about before you wrote it, was we shouldn’t write this, because that doesn’t matter. But that was nowhere in the article.”

So now Davis is a writer? Or, perhaps, and editor: “It’s just an overblown thing,” Davis said. “Everyone has injuries and they get hurt, so it was pointless to write an article. I sucked last year because I sucked. It’s not because I had an injury.”

Asked by Craig Carton whether or not Ike was pissed enough that he might take a swing at him, Puma responded, “There’s a joke in there somewhere — if he takes a swing at me, he might miss,” Puma said of Davis. “He’s not happy. He’s not happy with the story.”


And Esiason was very, very happy with himself following that 'facts' line.

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