Matt Harvey 'narrowly escaped' bar brawl at The Gilded Lily when one of his posse fought over a girl

Wrong place at the wrong time. Matt Harvey is going to live his life, even if that means hanging out past 2:30 AM at The Gilded Lily...narrowly escaping brawls.

A witness said, “Matt was there with friends when a fight broke out over a girl between someone in his group and another group at a nearby table. Matt was right there. Somebody lunged at him and his group, he stepped aside and left. Security broke things up.”

His rep said of the lounge fight, “It was an unfortunate incident. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” A Mets rep added, “Matt was not involved in any altercation. Those who were, were escorted out of the venue.”

12-10 Matt Harvey has a posse but no Twitter account. Oh Matt, Matt, Matt.

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