MMA Fighter Nathias Frederick Gets Submitted ..... by the Ref

MMA fighter Nathias Frederick KO's Ahmad Aswa at Fight UK MMA. And he doesn't stop. So...referee Leon Roberts submits him.

Roberts is ready to move on to hockey. Or boxing.

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  1. and this is exactly why women do not need to ref in mens fights

  2. Natalie3:59 PM

    With you on that jumpmental13. No way most women are getting him off there.

  3. Should have been a forfeit, but brutality before sportsmanship in this "sport".

  4. Should have been disqualified. Whether you like Dana White or not he would have released him, from the promotion, like he did Palhares.

  5. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Is that dude related to Paul Daley or Paul Harris? Trololo.

  6. We'll never see that guy in the UFC. And I can't agree more about women referees for men's fights. Not only do they have to separate the best fighters in the world when they jacked on adrenaline, but they have to be explosive when they do, and as we see here, that guy was either trying to kill his opponent or make him retarded from multiple concussions. I also don't like when the smaller male referees appear in bouts featuring the heavier weight classes. You need a guy like the one in the video or a Big John McCarthy, very large men who know how to fight too - the guy almost put his hooks in before realizing he didn't have to.


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