Samantha Steele Ponder is confused by blogs taking a strong stand on Ray Rice

Samantha Steele Sam Ponder doesn't get blogs/websites taking a strong stand on the Ray Rice issue. Barstool tries to explain it to her:

Hmmmm kind of a strange take here. The woman who was hired to stand on the sidelines, because she’s attractive, and report a stone’s throw away from girls who were hired to dance in their underwear, because they’re attractive, is against blogs saying women are attractive. Quite the stance. Guess I have to start approving chicks getting beaten now. Hey what do you want me to do? It’s out of my hands. I like pretty girls wearing little clothes and I think it’s funny that women are not great drivers. Only logical I that should stand and applaud anytime one takes an uppercut deathblow.

Indeed. But then again, Samantha once wrote, "For reasons I still don’t fully understand, I was able to experience relative career success at a very early age." Adding, "Here’s the lie: that our worth as humans is dependent on what any other human says, does or thinks. That a hyper-sexualized culture of men addicted to the entanglement of pornography and objectification and the women trying hopelessly to please those men by altering their bodies and therefore their minds, should have any say about the true value of a human soul."

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