Here is how Colin Kaepernick can effect change instead of just creating bad PR

KD has the perfect plan for Colin Kaepernick to actually effect change...instead of just creating bad publicity.

I get that Colin Kaepernick can take that stance because America. I support that right too.

But he's not making any sacrifice when his job was hanging by dental floss to begin with.

Ali was fresh off Liston 2 KO and he gave up 3 years of Prime Earnings for his stance (regardless of what you think about it, that is sacrifice - And don't even get me started on the Tonkin BS, read the Eisenberg papers.)

While Kapernicus stance may be righteous, and that is for only him to decide, he isn't sacrificing anything he didn't already have. I guess I don't disagree with his opinion but I disagree with the platform he chose to express it.

If Kaepernicus really wants to protest (sacrifice) he should cease paying his income taxes.

That's a hard line to take. And one with real consequences.

You don't like how cops are treating people? Withhold your contribution to their income.

See what happens then.



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