Notorious Gay Rapist Harry Harrington did not Rape 2 Burglars who Broke into his House for 5 Days

Ummm...“They broke in my front door, so I broke in their back doors!” The Wolfman Harry Harrington is said to have told police on his arrest. (Also known as Just Us justice or the 'now yous can't leave approach...)) Of which we wrote, "Not buying it. No Florida newspaper has this report as of press time? No sex predator registry listings for The Wolfman? 'Notorious gay sex predator' has no old clipping either?"

Now - the proof from Snopes:

The newspaper clipping shown originated with the Sunday Sport,a British tabloid that publishes a mixture of softcore pornography, gossip, and outlandish stories such as "Donkey Robs bank," and "Aliens Turned Our Son Into a Fish Finger."

In addition to the story's dubious source, the photographs included along with it are also suspect. The image purportedly showing Harry "The Wolfman" Harrington has been circulating online since at least 2009, and one of the mugshots purportedly showing either "Garfield Morgan" or "Kim Gorton" actually depicts a man named Michael Patrick Kelly who was arrested in 2004 for lewd conduct with a minor.

So Harrington is not looking at another stretch inside for his actions. Here's the original story.

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