Another example of why your Obamacare & / or health insurance rates are skyrocketing

Our employee provided health insurance rates are up 100% over the past 4 years. 100% Want another reason Obamacare and or health insurance rates are skyrocketing? Listen to this reader story:

Went to the doctor Tuesday for medial epicondylitis (Golfer's elbow). Doctor took an X-Ray, prescribed a wrap, a tennis elbow wrap, and told him he needed physical therapy for elbow. Asked, "Don't you mean golfer's elbow?" the doc replied, "Same thing."

Ready? Doctor scheduled a follow up visit two days later. (Typically you're going to need 6 weeks of rest and or several weeks plus PT to see any benefit. This doc has him back 2 days later.) And, wait for examines the lateral portion of his elbow. "Does this hurt?"


"Good, it's getting better."

"Um, what about here (points to medial portion of his elbow)?"

Doc manipulates that part.


So...two office visits within 3 days and 3 worthless X-Rays submitted to insurance.


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