Boomer Esiason's disgraceful slander of Adam McQuaid is complete bullshit

Toronto Maple Leaf Matt Martin skated right on the ice to go after Boston Bruin Adam McQuaid on Saturday night.

And got his ass bloodied and knocked out.

Today, WFAN's Boomer Esiason (in between use of his cough button), provided a completely slanderous series of lies about what happened in defense of the rare Martin loss.

Esiason stated, "He got sucker punched and it was Adam McQuaid. Matt said 'take your helmet off' and Matt took his helmet off and McQuaid did not take his helmet off."

No helmets off

Martin has his helmet taken off for him

Esiason's lies continued. "He got one last little 'sucker' punch in as the referees were coming in so..."

McQuaid KO's Martin as refs watch and wait

Eddie Scozzare decided to add to the lies, "After that sorta sucker punch, the guy gave him a few more on the way down which was also not cool." Also a lie. Adam 100% stopped as Matt fell to the ice as refs stepped in.

Completely 100% bullshit out of Boomer Esiason.

What an ass. Go check the fight again.

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