CBS' comical attempt to make Jerry Recco's updates seem relevant & not noisome

Let's be honest - WFAN's Jerry Recco guffawing through already irrelevant updates just ruins 15 minute chops of Boomer & Carton every morning. (The only way to listen to the program these days is to tape it so that one can fast forward through those things.)

CBS, in what must be a late April Fool's Joke, has this up today.

Boomer & Carton: Jerry Recco’s Monday Morning Update

Jerry Recco put the weekend behind him and delivered yet another informative and entertaining update on Monday, on behalf of his legions of fans and admirers.

The “maven” had the latest on the Yankees, who opened the season Sunday with an underwhelming 7-3 loss at Tampa Bay. He also previewed the Mets’ opener, as they take on Atlanta on Monday afternoon at Citi Field.

Yeah, OK.

WFAN's Jerry Recco finds everything funnier than does anyone else.

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