Craig Carton thought Mets played bait & switch with Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard has biceps tendinitis and is out this afternoon for the Mets. Apparently the Mets knew he had a tired arm yesterday and hoped he'd be fine today. (The Mets ordered Sandy Alderson to leave gaping holes in 4 positions. Plan: Break camp while the Ps are still on the cheap and make money. One problem for Mets and the Mets GM is the team is unwatchable except for those cheap Ps and, schadenfreude, they're not making any money. Now? The Ps are even falling.)

Craig Carton? Thought the Mets were playing bait & switch with the fans.

That's some charge.

Carton had it right, however, 2 months ago when he agreed with us: Thor better have combined his stupid workouts with some yoga or...

Apparently he didn't.

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