4th victim to sue Eli 'the Cheat' Manning for bogus collectibles

Eli Manning apparently has played a lot of football without a helmet...

Theodore Newman​,​ of College Place, Wash., says he recently dropped $8,000 on a helmet he believed had been worn by the New York Giants’ quarterback because it was signed by Manning and authenticated by Steiner Sports.

But Newman, 42, now believes that the helmet — from Manning’s 2004 rookie season — is a fraud, court documents ​allege.

That makes Newman, a former cook, the fourth sports collector to cry foul when it comes to helmets sold as having been worn by the two-time Super Bowl winner.


Newman now plans to move forward with legal action through a separate lawsuit to be filed in NJ state court, lawyer Brian Brook told The Post.

NFL must suspend Eli 'the Cheat' Manning for the 2017-2018 season if faked helmet charges are true.

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