FAIL: Boomer Esiason's latest Investors Bank ad is mindbogglingly stupid

We have to be on a journey of continuous improvement, understood? We'll start tomorrow.

The Investors Bank Boomer Esiason / Phil Simms crapfest continues. This time it's a cringeworthy Break Down Your Banking: "Competency" Moment of Zen gem from Esiason, "A true great leader recognizes complacency. If I see it, I want to do something about it and get across to whoever I am speaking to that it will not be understood because complacency is a negative thing in my eyes when it comes to competition and strategy."

So to sum up Boomer Esiason on Competency:

  • A leader needs to recognize 'complacency.'
  • Said leader needs to do something about it because complacency is a negative.
  • Boomer will let his team know that complacency will never, ever be understood.


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