FAIL: Chris Christie’s approval rating is 15% (lowest previously known rating for a NJ governor was 17%)

Embarrassing Gov. Christie’s approval rating is down to 15 percent in a new Quinnipiac poll, with 81 percent of New Jersey voters disapproving -- the lowest previously known rating for a New Jersey governor was 17 percent.

Democrat Brendan T. Byrne had a 17 percent approval rating in the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll in 1977 after signing the state income tax into law.

Even Republicans disapprove of Christie — 58 percent to 31 percent.

Bodes well for a sports talk show host job when nobody likes him.

Hey, that's what happens when you do absolutely nothing in 8 years besides raise the gas tax, pledge that online casinos will fix everything, screw your health insurer by getting weight loss surgery and then blowing right back up while f*cking residents with ass ripping property taxes.

And all that is before wasting millions of dollars on a bullshit opioid campaign and, of course, pledging that now the lottery will fix the pension disaster.

A year from now it will be even worse.

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