Investors Bank's CEO on eggshells as Boomer Esiason talks during latest ad

Someone at Investors Bank apparently has watched Break Down Your Banking: "Competency" with Phil Simms, Boomer Esiason, and Investors Bank. Watched Boomer Esiason state for all to hear, "A true great leader recognizes complacency. If I see it, I want to do something about it and get across to whoever I am speaking to that it will not be understood because complacency is a negative thing in my eyes when it comes to competition and strategy."

"Complacency will not be understood?"

The latest ad, "Break Down Your Banking: "Customization" with Phil Simms, Boomer Esiason, and Investors Bank" has Investors Bank CEO Kevin Cummings and guest Joseph Saporito (CFO at Richmond University Medical Center) on absolute lookout for Esiason to say something stupid.

Oh, Jesus...what's Boomer going to say this time that we can't edit out of the YouTube?

Bonnie Bernstein looked very concerned as well.

Well, they may have watched it but...they never fixed it. How can you trust an organization that hires these two AND doesn't audit mistakes? It's almost (almost) as bad as WFAN / CBS not firing Jerry Recco already for ruining at least 30% of every 4 hour Boomer & Carton program.

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