Stunning video: Girl falls out of Six Flags Sky Ride & is caught by hero Matthew Howard

47 year old Schenectady contractor Matthew Howard Sr. & his 21-year-old daughter Leeann Winchell caught a 14 year old girl who fell out of the Sky Ride at Six Flags Great Escape Amusement Park in Queensbury, N.Y. Saturday.


"I said: 'It's OK! It's OK to let go, I'll catch you, honey,'" said Howard.

And he did. (The suspense is terrible. Hope it will last.)

"I couldn't let that little girl die," Howard told the AP. "No one wants to put himself underneath a body like that, but I couldn't stand by and watch." The 14-year-old from Greenwood, Delaware, was taken to Albany Medical Center in stable condition with no serious injuries, the Warren County Sheriff's Office said.

Winchell, who is applying to be a nurse, said they visited the girl Sunday at the hospital and she was in good spirits. Her little brother was shaken up but uninjured otherwise, she said. They didn't know how she'd fallen out of the ride.

"I'm just glad we could be there to help," Winchell said. "We were in the right place at the right time."

Here is new, clearer video.

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